The First Fitness Course That’s Specifically Designed for Your Body Type

Most online training courses are a one-size fits all.

Training for your body type is the only way you're going to see the type of results you've never been able to get. 

Step 1: Find your Body Type

Are you an Endomorph, Ectomorph, or Mesomorph?

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As part of this course, you'll receive

9 Week Intensive Fitness Program

A comprehensive and effective workout routine designed specifically for your body type for all levels with videos of every exercise. You can watch the course at the gym and follow along. Only $6 per day

9 Week Grocery List & Meal Plan

A delicious and healthy meal plan designed by a professional chef. We also have a Vegan meal plan included as well for all you vegans!

Unlimited Access to Psycho Education Videos

Learn how to use your genetics, family of origin and personality to WORK for YOU, instead of working against yourself and spinning your wheels…. Chasing the same 10 lbs for the rest of your life.

3 Self-Assessments

To share, ask questions, and interact with a community of strong women going through exactly what you’re going through!

20 minute coaching call with Amelia

Get a chance to ask questions, get pep talks, and a few laughs

Access to members-only community of supportive women like you!

A safe, supportive space for questions and accountability.

What makes this program so unique?

I designed The AMROSE Program to be live-able, efficient & accessible.

What does that mean??

1. Live-able:

You can FIT the workouts into your life, they are hard but do-able, just like the meal plan... challenging but just easy enough to actually be able to continue to LIVE your life. 

2. Efficient:

The training is based off of YOUR body type to save you TIME. No more wondering what to do.

3. Accessible:

All you need 1-2 sets of dumbbells & a yoga mat to do every weight training workout! Do it anywhere, anytime. Plus, You don’t need to fit, athletic or in shape to make this program work for you. It was designed to accommodate for all levels of fitness, lifestyles & abilities.

I wasn’t the fittest or most athletic girl growing up, it is something I created. 

And you can too! Follow the steps below get your fitness and mindset to the level you've always wanted but never thought possible. 

 Meet Amelia

Through my journey of training hundreds of clients, I started to see certain patterns emerge that went beyond the physical. I noticed the mental-emotional and physical connection that my clients were experiencing during training. I needed to know more, so I went and got a Master’s in Clinical Psychology with a focus in Family System & Relationships.

I decided upon graduation that I wanted to fuse the two worlds of fitness and psychology. I fell even deeper in love with the work, but I realized I could only help so many clients with my one-on-one time. I wanted to share my knowledge, experience and education with as many people as possible, so I create the Amrose Course. The Amrose Course is truly a work of love and passion.

 My greatest dream is to support people to create positive relationships with themselves; through the vehicles of fitness, psychology, nutrition & laughter.



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